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Product and Services

In today's competitive environment your success depends on an efficient, reliable and responsive service. Through our voice services we ensure your organisation is ready to be pro-active in providing your customer needs.

du-tel are a dedicated solution provider offering global experience and expertise in both fixed line, IP and wireless telephony. A rich pool of resources and strong relationships with national and global networks will help your business achieve creative and cost effective solutions in every way that you communicate. We have a range of products and services to suit nearly every type of telecoms user.

Business level VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), enables businesses to make phone calls across computer networks, providing a low cost and efficient way to complement traditional phone systems. VoIP can be used in local office networks or between sites, enabling you to integrate call handling with other parts of your business such as your website. Using broadband, it can also deliver telephone services to remote users and home workers. Besides the term "Voice over IP", you may come across internet telephony, "IP telephony" and "Voice over Broadband". Whatever your application, we can provide you with a service to fit your budget.

New voice services based on Internet protocol (VoIP) are already delivering substantial benefits to customers, some of these include:

  • Lower network costs and lower user prices
  • Additional features such as personalised call handling, integrated messaging, conferencing and video
  • Greater choice of innovative and differential services such as VoB (Voice over Broadband)

du-tel are continually looking at how voice services can assist in providing our customers with additional business benefits and therefore that competitive edge.

CPS (Carrier Pre Select)/IDA (Indirect Access)
CPS is the simple process that enables users to choose the telecommunications provider they want without the need for dialling an access code or having routing equipment installed. There is no downtime when calls are switched to du-tel and you can keep your existing telephone numbers, whilst showing significant savings over BT and other carriers.

For further information contact us on 0800 093 9937 or email enquiries@du-tel.co.uk.


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